Top 5 Best Natural Beauty Products

The latest trends in terms of beauty imply using all-natural cosmetics designed to enhance your beauty in a natural way and without the help of harmful chemicals. Although some people believe that these products are not as effective as the chemical-based alternatives, you will be surprised to discover that you can achieve wonderful effects by using cosmetics based on natural ingredients. We have selected for you the top 5 best natural beauty products that cover a wide range of beauty benefits.

Eyelash growth serum

Instead of using a mascara that can get in your eyes and cause you irritations or allergies, use an eyelash growth serum consisting of natural ingredients that can boost the natural growth of your lashes. Rimmel Lash Accelerator serum is our top choice due to its great effects and the affordable price of only $9 that makes it one of the most popular choices. It’s so lightweight that you can wear it under makeup without it bothering you. If you want to see what other options are out there, you can find some very informative lash growth serum reviews on

Skin lightening cream

If you have skin tone problems, you don’t have to panic or resort to chemical-base cosmetics that lighten your skin but cause it damage. Thanks to the Luminizer skin lightening cream, you can obtain an even and clean skin tone. Its secret is based on organic light-reflecting minerals that make your skin shiny and glowing. The $38 price tag is not very high compared to other similar cosmetics.

Makeup remover

If you want to remove your makeup with an organic product that doesn’t affect your skin in any way, the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics is what you need. The formula enhanced with vitamin B and enzymes allow it to nourish your skin while removing the makeup. The oily texture is given by natural oils like pumpkin seed oil, papaya seed oil, and sunflower seed oil. This product costs around $38 so it won’t be a big investment.

Lip balm

For the ultimate lip moisturizing, the Ilia Tinted lip conditioner is the perfect combination of natural nourishing ingredients and pigment that offers your lips a soft and attractive aspect. When you apply it once, you will enjoy a delicate shade that you can intensify by reapplying it. At only $26, this lip balm will surely become your favorite.


Most of the deodorants available on the market contain aluminum but this is not the case with the Lavanila healthy deodorant that only contains natural ingredients and is 100% aluminum-free. For flavored protection, you get to choose between vanilla, vanilla grapefruit or vanilla lavender scent.