The Proper Way of Using a Clothes Steamer

A clothes steamer is a great help when you have to iron a large amount if clothes because it’s must faster and more efficient than the regular iron. Although it’s easy to use, it hides some handling secrets that can make it even more practical, so be ready to find out the proper way of using a clothes steamer.

  • Clothes steamers work with regular tap water that goes inside their tank and is turned into steam when the unit gets really hot. However, you can increase the durability and performance of your clothes steamer if you use distilled water that is safer for all the interior parts of the clothes steamer. Depending on your type of steamer, you can either remove the water tank and fill it from the tap or you can pour water from a bottle. Either way, make sure there is water in the water tank when you turn the unit on.
  • After a few seconds, the clothes steamer will start to get very hot and will release steam from the ironing head. This is the part where you have to be very careful while handling the clothes steamer because the hose and the plastic head get extremely hot. Never hold the clothes steamer by the head and avoid touching the hot parts while steaming your clothes.
  • The clothes should be hanged on a hanger and if the steamer doesn’t come with a telescopic pole and a hanger, you can use a regular one. Put the clothes on the hanger and start steaming from the bottom to the top while holding the garment from the bottom and from the middle to the sides so that the fabrics will loosen and the wrinkles will go away. Given that the garment is held in place by the hanger, you will be able to hold the steamer with one hand and maneuver the garment with the other. Some items or fabrics require steaming on both sides, so using both hands will be more comfortable.
  • If the fabrics are soft and delicate, make sure the hot nozzle never touches the fabric directly. For prints and embroidery, it’s best to steam the clothes inside out so you will not damage the decorative parts. Some thick fabrics might require steaming on both sides and it would also help if you would place the garment on a hard surface and press the steamer onto the wrinkles so it will penetrate the fabric in depth.