Infrared Saunas – Myths and Facts

Saunas exist for more than 2000 years, and their evolution led to the appearance of the infrared saunas that are very high in popularity these days. But what exactly is myth and what is fact from all the things that are being said about infrared saunas?
If you want to find out the truth about them, read the following lines and you will have a better understanding on how you can benefit from using an infrared sauna, and where it falls short.

Infrared sauna facts

We start our list of infrared sauna facts with the most obvious of them all, which is the fact that it helps you eliminate toxins. This is due to the fact that you sweat in excess while using it, all the toxins in your body being flushed through this process.
Another amazing health benefit that you will have if you use the infrared sauna regularly is that you will improve your immune system, the sauna sessions helping produce white cells, which are the cells responsible for fighting infections and ailments.
For those who practice professional sports or who have physically demanding jobs and who find themselves having muscle pains often, the infrared sauna is the place to go. Here they will have their muscles relax and the pains in their muscles and joints will soothe, while getting rid of all the toxins that are present in their bodies.
Last on our list of infrared sauna facts we have the statement that infrared saunas help relieve stress, which is true, and it’s all due to the fact that it increases the release of endorphins, which are basically “feel good” chemicals that will make you forget all about your problems, and because you get to socialize and unwind, you will feel an immense improvement in your mood as well.

Infrared sauna myths

The biggest myth surrounding infrared sauna is that they are safe for everyone to use, and this is false, because people who have poorly controlled blood pressure, unstable angina, abnormal heart rhythms, and advanced heart failure expose themselves to a great risk by using the sauna due to the fact that the infrared sauna will give the heart rate a boost which will eventually drop, resulting in the muscles relaxing and the blood pressure stopping, therefore leading to restricted blood flow rate to the heart.
Another myth is that you have to stay as long as you can in the infrared sauna to benefit from it, which is false. The recommended time to spend in an infrared sauna is a maximum of 30 minutes, and no matter how many breaks you intend to take, don’t use it for more than the recommended time daily because excessive use can lead to abnormal heart rhythms and dehydration.
Last but not least we have the greatest myth of them all, the fact that using the infrared sauna helps you lose weight. Don’t put your hopes of fitting in that new dress you bought this summer just because you sweat in the sauna, because it doesn’t help you lose weight on its own, but rather in combination with doing exercise and keeping a healthy diet, therefore don’t count on simply sitting around to lose weight because it will never happen.