How to Give Your Indoor Plants a Growth Boost

Indoor plants definitely add a touch of beauty to any interior. It is very important that you are well-informed regarding the plant’s growth, in order to offer them everything they need for a healthy and beautiful growth. If you don’t yet know what’s best to do, then here is how to give your indoor plants a growth boost.

Use an organic fertilizer

It is essential that you use a fertilizer, in order to obtain the desired result. It is highly recommended that you go for an organic one, even if it is more expensive than the regular one. It is better to do so, due to the fact that the regular fertilizer might contain some chemicals which can definitely affect your plants. The organic one will not produce any harm at all. Moreover, your plants will be healthier, fresher, and they will look absolutely amazing. Follow these steps accordingly:

  • Use around ΒΌ the amount of fertilizer recommended
  • Increase the application to every 2 weeks
  • If the new growth is dark green, but the leaves are small, you should fertilize less often

Water regularly

If you are wondering how to give your plants a growth boost, then you should seriously take into account the watering, which is very important. You must know exactly the amount of water they need, and when it is best to water. Too much water can make them dry and too little will have the same effect. You certainly do not want anything like this to happen, and therefore, you must know exactly what’s best to do. When doing this, you should:

  • Try not to wet the foliage
  • Water should be coming out of the drainage holes
  • Set the plant in a dish of water and the roots can absorb it whenever needed
  • Be sure to dump any standing water from the saucer one hour after watering

The right amount of sunlight

The sunlight is very important. Once you have chosen the plants you want to grow indoors, you need to do some online research, in order to find the right information about each of them. You must know exactly if they need a lot of sunlight in order to grow beautifully, or if they need a little amount. For example, some plants can grow in shade and if they stay in the sunlight they might die, and vice-versa.

Therefore, this type of information will help you achieve your goal with ease. In case you find out that you need to place your plants somewhere where they can get lots of sunlight, but unfortunately, you have a quite dark home, you should consider led grow lights a fantastic idea. These devices are very useful and they have become extremely popular nowadays due to their efficiency. They use artificial light in order to help not only plants, but flowers, vegetables, and herbs to grow as they should do.

Let them breathe

The air quality in the home is very important. The only way to efficiently keep it up, however, is by using an air purifier. The reason for this is because whilst the plants can remove a considerable amount of contaminants from the air, they are incapable of removing allergens as this specialized air purification system can, tackling even microscopic airborne particles to leave the air indoors clean and fresh. The stuff that can make your eyes itchy, your nose stuffy, and tingling throat won’t be in the air any longer with the addition of an air purifier, the combination between natural plants and the filtration system proving optimal in the fight against allergy and asthma symptoms.

Furthermore, it’s important to know that most plants thrive in high humidity. Their environment should have around 80%. As well as, it’s very important to keep note of the humidity levels especially in the winter. When the forced heat can drop the levels. In order to bring it up to normal you should:

  • Place a small tray containing pebbles and water around them
  • Group plants together
  • Mist the plant’s leaves daily
  • Keep orchids in the bathroom or the kitchen

Know the signs

The bad things that can happen are either overwatering or dehydrating. Both of these things can put a large amount of stress on the plants, thus shortening their life-span. Do not let plants get to the point where they are wilting. This sign shows dehydration. Some other signs can be:

As well as, too much water is just as bad as a small amount of water. By overwatering them, they will receive less air and therefore, root-killing bacteria can form. Some of the signs are:


Having a beautiful array of plants indoors is what basically everyone desires, but the truth of the matter is that plants can be quite tricky when it comes to growth and care. A single misstep could lead to your beloved plant for which you cared for such a long time to wilt, and this is an occurrence you surely want to avoid at all costs. With the advice given here, however, you are sure to have beautiful plants and flowers that receive the needed growth boost to flourish and stay healthy, beautifying your home and even aiding in air quality improvement for years to come.