How to Get the Perfect Shave with an Electric Razor

Autumn and winter are the seasons when most men have the most skin problems. Changes in temperature from cold to hot and vice versa, can cause skin dehydration, leaving the skin feeling dry. Moisturizing and skin protection is essential but knowing how to get a perfect shave is even more important. Today, we will teach you how to get the perfect shave with an electric razor. If you don’t have one yet, you should consider getting one, as it can be very helpful not only for men with sensitive skin, but for any man who wants a perfect shave. You can decide on which product to buy, by reading some shaver reviews on That being said, here are the steps that you must follow in order to get the perfect shave.

Take it easy

Do not rush. Prepare your skin for shaving. Start by washing your face with special products (soap with glycerine, for example) that help soften the hair. Harsh soaps, on the other hand, are not recommended. Let the soap on your face for a minute before rinsing. In order to make sure that your skin is free of dirt and sebum, you can use an alcohol-based product to remove the skin’s natural oil and prepare your skin for shaving. Most of these shaving products contain vitamin E, which helps your skin stay hydrated and smooth. It also prevents irritation.

Use the shaver the right way

Shave with a good razor using slow movements. Make sure the electric razor is clean and ready to be used. Use as few moves to avoid the risk of skin irritation. Make sure to hold the saver at the right angle so that you can have a clean shave. Moreover, it’s important to use your free hand to pull your skin while using the other hand to remove the facial hair. As you gently pull your skin the hairs stand upright, so it’s easier for you to shave.

Maintain your electric shaver

Electric shavers can get damaged quite easily, if you don’t take care of them properly. Any electric shaver that has worn out parts can severely affect the quality of your shave. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is to clean your shaver after every use. There are many models available on the market that come with its own cleaning system. Use the cleaning brush the remove the debris from the foil and cutters but be gentle enough because these components are very delicate.

Be patient

When perfecting a shaving technique the key is to have patience. If you have never used an electric shaver before, you might find it difficult or uncomfortable and you will want to use the traditional method again, but no matter what you do try to stick with it. Your skin might take a couple of weeks to adjust to a different shaving technique but don’t worry, because that’s normal.