Practical Screened Porch Design Ideas

Designing a porch shouldn’t involve you spending excessive amounts of money on decoration items or hiring professionals to do the work for you. The design should be above all practical for your needs, so the only person who knows best what can suit their needs and requirements is you. By following a couple of tips and drawing inspiration from design ideas, you can too design a practical screened porch. Here’s how to get it started.

Make it an extension of your home

One decision that should be taken when creating a screened porch is whether the porch will be seen as a new extension of your house or you’re simply planning to turn an existing section of the home into a screen porch. If your decision is to create a screen porch that you are adding to your home, you’ll have to ask for permission. Furthermore, it’s also very important to think about the flooring, walls as well as the new roof that will shelter you from the rain. If you have a limited budget, then you should go with the second option, which is to turn an existing section into a practical porch. Size is also an important aspect that should be taken into consideration when creating a screened porch. If you are not too handy, you can hire a contractor to make your porch smaller or wider, depending on your preferences or you can do it yourself by following some online tutorials.

Creating the dining area

Designing a dining area on your porch is a must for any homeowner who enjoys taking breakfast or supper outside on the porch. You might think that creating a dining area will require a large investment but that’s not necessarily the case here. Regarding the furniture choice, know that you can use some of the existing furniture items that you already own, as long as you make sure that it’s made of a durable and rot-resistant material. Another tip that you should consider when choosing the furniture for your porch is to buy used furniture and refurbish it.

Adding comfort to your porch

Increasing the comfort of your porch can be done easily by following a couple of tips. For starters, you need to make sure that the space feels cozy and warm and the best way to achieve that is by installing an infrared patio heater. Read the latest 2016 infrared heater ratings and opt for an infrared patio heater that has a modern design to add a touch of sophistication to your design.

When reading the latest 2016 infrared heater ratings, choose a heater which can be remotely controlled, especially if we are talking about a wall mounted or a ceiling mounted heater, which would be quite hard to access. After you’ve installed your infrared heater, you need to make sure that the place is well lighted. Lamp light can create a cozy atmosphere so consider installing several outlets around the porch. You can also think of adding a fireplace to add more warmth during the cold days of winter.