How to Make Your Hallway More Welcoming

The hallway must be both practical and stylish, because it’s the place where you greet your guests and welcome them to enter your home. Therefore, you must make it as welcoming as you can, and if you read the following lines you will get some good tips on how to have a truly welcoming hallway.

Paint the walls in a daring color

Don’t go with white for the wall of the hallway, because it’s a boring color, and any spot of dirt that ends up on white walls is very easy to see. Instead, paint the walls of the hallway in a lively and daring color.
The best choice to go with would be purple, because it’s a soothing color that sets the perfect tone for the rest of the house, giving a welcoming and relaxing vibe.

Place a large mirror on one of the walls

A large mirror is a definite must have for the hallway, because it will not only make the whole space look bigger, but you will get to have a last check on the way your hair and makeup looks before you leave the house, making sure that everything is alright.

Buy a shoe rack

When you arrive home, you take your shoes off and you usually don’t bother to store them in their special place in the dressing room, but rather leave them in the hallway. Instead of leaving them on full display on the entrance carpet, buy a shoe rack and place it on the hallway to have a place where you deposit the shoes, being ideal for when you have guests as well, making the hallway more organized and neat by having this small furniture piece.

Use uplighters

To give a true welcoming feeling to the hallway, you have to install uplighters, because they are a stylish addition that will enlarge the space once they’re turned on. Also, you can go with wall lights if you want to keep a more traditional look for the hallway.

Be creative with the hanging space

When you have guests over, they need to have a place to hang their jackets or any other piece of clothing they have that needs to be taken off once they enter your house, therefore you must install hangers. In addition, you will have a place to store your coats and jackets as well, making it easier for you when you leave your home to make a choice regarding what you’re going to wear.
For your convenience, hang a key holder on the hallway as well, this way knowing where the keys to the house and the car are at all times, avoiding unpleasant incidents when you have to look desperately around the house for them.