How to Clean Your Washer and Your Dryer

After a number of uses, both these household appliances need to be cleaned. The inside of your washer might have residues of fabric conditioner, dirt or detergent, and they must definitely be removed so that the unit operates properly. You can find dust and dirt in your dryer as well, which you must remove. If you don’t know exactly how to do this, then here is how to clean your washer and your dryer.

Here is how to have a clean washer

With a sponge and some warm water, you can start to clean these units. Remember that you need to use a soft sponge in order to make sure that you don’t scratch the surfaces. Furthermore, make sure that your appliances are not connected to the electricity panel. Start by cleaning the top of the lid of your washer, and finish with the underneath area of the lid. If your unit has a lint trap, then you need to pull it out and carefully clean it as well. You can rinse it under cold water, for an easier and better cleaning. In case the cups where you usually add the detergent and the fabric conditioner are removable, then you need to take them out and clean them as well. If they can’t be removed, then a great idea would be to use a pipe cleaner in order to remove the residues. It is highly recommended that you do this after each load, in order to avoid the build-up of grime and gunk.

The dryer can easily be cleaned

On the other hand, when it comes to your dryer, what you need to do is to start by cleaning the filter. For this sort of job, you will need to use the narrow attachment of your vacuum cleaner. By doing so, you will easily remove the lint found underneath the filter. Another clever idea would be to insert a duster into the filter, and after doing so, you can wipe up the lint. The interior of your dryer is usually full of dust and tiny fabric particles from your clothes, which must be removed so that your device can operate properly. Again you will need to use your vacuum cleaner. Remember that you need to vacuum the door seal as well. The dryer lint duct must be detached and vacuumed as well. Furthermore, the outside vent must be checked to see exactly if there is any lint or debris. If it is, then you obviously need to remove it. The exterior of the machine can easily be cleaned with some warm water and a clean and soft cloth.

If you have a condensation dryer, you will also have to clean the condenser, which can be a tiresome task, especially if you have an old dryer and the condenser keeps getting clogged. If that is the case, you should take a look at the dryer comparison list of Horace Rudd, and buy a newer dryer model, preferably one with a self cleaning condenser. Horace has a great site, dedicated to comparing the best dryers and he can guide you in your dryer shopping journey. After all, the purpose of the dryer is to ease your chores, and an old dryer that requires too much maintenance should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible, especially since newer dryers consume a lot less energy.