How to Clean a Tower Fan

Tower fans gather a lot of dust in them, just like any other type of fan, therefore they must be regularly cleaned for that dust to not make it’s way in the air you breathe. The problem is that tower fans are not as easy to clean as other types of fans, being more problematic due to their construction.
The best thing to do if you own a tower fan and you want to learn how to properly clean it is to read the following lines and follow the instructions given in them.

Materials you need for cleaning it

To clean the tower fan you need a cleaning brush, an air compressor or a can of compressed air, and it’s optional to use a Philips head screwdriver, a small bowl, protective eyewear, and a protective mask.
When taking the tower fan apart to start with the cleaning process, always follow what the instructions manual the unit came with shows you to not damage the tower fan while doing this, because there are different kinds of tower fans on the market, and they all have different designs. Also, pay attention to the type of cloth that the manual instructs you to use, because some models need to be cleaned with cloths made from a certain type of fabric.

How to clean the tower fan

First you must unplug the tower fan and set it in an area where you can move comfortably when you clean it, and even if they are optional, it’s better to put the protective eyewear and the mask on no matter if you find them uncomfortable or not, because you need to protect your lungs and your eyes from the dust and debris that you will collect during the cleaning process. If your tower fan has a panel, detach it by removing the screws, and place them in a small bowl to not lose these important parts.
After doing this, either shake the can of compressed air for about 30 seconds, or simply turn on the air compressor if that’s what you’re using, and use it to blow off the dust that has settled on the panel thoroughly. When you finish cleaning it with the air compressor or the can of compressed air, turn the fan at 180 degrees and use a brush to clean the remaining dust and dirt off of the tower fan.
At the end, you have to screw the panel back on if you have this type of model, and you can put it back to its original place and use it without being afraid that you’ll fill your house with dust.