How to Clean a Coffee Maker

We all love a cup of coffee in the morning, some enjoying even more than one cup to start their day off filled with energy, therefore it’s easy to understand why the coffee maker is the most used kitchen appliance in any home, and why you have to pay attention for it to be clean. This is unless you like to have mold spores in your coffee and damage your health, of course. Most people, unfortunately, think that if they wash the pot it’s enough, but what you have to understand is that this appliance needs to be thoroughly cleaned once every month for it to have a longer life and to provide you with healthy and mold-free coffee. Therefore, don’t waste any more time, read the following lines to learn how to clean the coffee maker, and proceed to the kitchen and apply what you have learned.

How to prepare the solution

To prepare the solution with which you will clean the coffee maker you need half of your carafe’s capacity in white vinegar, water, and soapy water.
The other materials that are needed to clean the coffee maker are a sponge, a dry dish towel, a damp dish towel, and the coffee maker itself, of course.

Instructions for cleaning the coffee maker

When preparing the solution, all you have to do is to combine the upper mentioned ingredients together in a bowl.
Before proceeding to use the solution, empty and thoroughly clean the carafe, and damp out the coffee grounds left in the filter. Afterward, fill the water chamber to its full capacity with the solution that you have prepared, a step for which you can use the carafe to make sure you won’t spill any of it.
The next step is to start a brew cycle, and at the middle of it to turn off the coffee maker, leaving it sit like that for an hour, time after which you turn it back on and let it proceed to finish the brew cycle.
When the brew cycle is complete, pour out the solution and fill the water chamber with fresh water, running a whole new brew cycle with it twice, and letting the machine cool between the two cycles. Once you’re done with this step, wash the carafe and the filter basket with hot soapy water, wipe down the exterior of the coffee maker, and reassemble the machine to be able to brew clean and perfectly tasting coffee with it.