Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Those of you who don’t own a dishwasher, or who are planning to replace their old dishwasher with a newer model, should first read some dishwasher machine reviews. These reviews can tell you a lot about a products efficiency and durability. However, there Here are some free dishwasher maintenance tips that will help you take good care of your appliance and keep it running smoothly.

Never overload it

Let’s face it, many of us have loaded more dishes into the dishwasher in order to finish cleaning them faster. Although you don’t consider this a major mistake, you must know that it minimizes the performance of the dishwasher by limiting the water sprays’ pattern and reducing its efficiency in removing grease and dirt. So, if you want to make sure your dishwasher stays efficient and you will not have to repeat a washing cycle, don’t overload it.

Clean the interior

With time and with every load of dishes you wash, the dishwasher’s interior collects many impurities and bacteria that make it less safe for your health. Most food particles gather in the space between the door and the bottom of the tub so you must carefully wipe this area with a clean cloth. Clean the spray arms’ holes using a needle to remove the food particles and dirt that often gather there. Mold is commonly seen on the rubber parts of the dishwasher due to the moist environment inside it. Remove mold by adding some deodorizing and disinfecting solution to an empty washing cycle. Wipe clean the interior of the tub and make sure you clean the detergent dispenser because hardened soap can gather there.

Clean the filter

If you read some of the latest dishwasher machine reviews, you will see that modern units come with self cleaning devices. However, this is not the case with older dishwashers. Some dishwashers have a filter at the bottom and this filter often gets clogged with impurities so you should inspect it from time to time and clean it if it’s too dirty. Removing the filter and cleaning it should be performed according to the instructions in the dishwasher’s manual, so be very careful when reading it. If the filter is too damaged to be only cleaned, replace it with a new one.

Fix even the smallest damage

Whether it’s a broken rack, a roller, a spray arm, or a valve, even the smallest damaged part must be repaired as soon as you detect it. Otherwise, the damage will become larger, other parts might break down, and eventually the dishwasher will no longer work. While you can perform some minor repairs, the more important ones must only be performed by a professional and in an authorized service.